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Masters in salons know is men beard can take other shapes and look very fashionable and stylish. Many visitors in salon open for yourself new services, for example like cleaning the face for men. This procedure is carried out using modern technologies and cosmetics of high quality. If you searching places where make haircut, shave a beard and dream about a great master made’s the first haircut for your child you should going to barbershop. In places like these provide standard types of services:


  • Cut and Shave
    950 CZK

    Cutting hair and shaving at a discounted price.

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  • Haircut
    550 CZK

    A classical haircut is one of the popular services in barbershop. Masters with good skills can cope with any hair. Even if your hair is unruly. Procedure begin from washing of the hair. When masters is finished a work they draws contour and shave a beard also correction eyebrows. They shave a beard with dangerous razor.

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  • Making haircut contours and styling
    250 CZK

    Healthy hair and stylish hairstyle complement the image of the modern man and emphasize his style. Barbershop offers a men the design of the haircut contours and styling. This is a great opportunity to fix your hair before a business meeting, an important event or a romantic date. Our masters use cosmetics for men of high-quality.

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  • Hairtatto and haircut
    starting at 650 CZK

    Art-haircut let you be individuality and with original style. Usually men decorated with nape or whiskey but if desired they can cover the whole head. Who are not ready to attract attention to themselves, but want to stand out from the crowd, choose a simple haircut. Such haircuts are ideal for teenagers and young people.

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  • Hair coloring
    starting at 700 CZK

    Hair coloring it’s a one of the most popular service. It is used by men who follow to the fashion trends. This is a great opportunity to radically change your appearance, "try on" a completely different image. Masters in our salon can help choose the right color and paint that will match the hair type. They are ready to realize the most unusual, extravagant wishes of the client.

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  • Cut of beard (jsut by a clipper)
    300 CZK

    Only machine for shave. A beard can be a true luxury for the young guy or old man. It should be qualitatively trimmed and groomed. It is so hard making it independently. Only masters in barbershops can give a beautiful shape and choose the means of care a high quality.

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  • Cut of beard + contours, hot towel shaving
    350 CZK

    A beautiful shape of beard can attracts attention no less than a good haircut. It emphasizes the style of a man, gives him personality. It is very important to give it the correct form, which will correspond to the external data gentleman, his style and status. Masters in barbershop “TuttoBarbuto” can help you.

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  • Beard coloring
    starting at 400 CZK

    Are you ready for experiments, want to look stylish? Barbershop Tutto Barbuto is ready to offer to take advantage of this service, as painting beards. We use materials of high quality. It not only provide color stability, but do not harm the hair. Masters in salon for men help you choose the desired color and give advice on caring for the beard.

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  • Full shave (Hot Towel shaving)
    450 CZK

    Full shave one of the most popular services in Barbershop TuttoBarbuto. Young men and gentlemen in age use this service. Barbers use the hot towel technique. It’s let to prepare the skin for the procedure and to minimize the likelihood of irritation. After the procedure skin is processed by specialized cosmetics for men.

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  • Head massage
    250 CZK

    Do you want to relax after a hard day, forget about everyday troubles? Maters in Barbershop TuttoBarbuto can help you. They offer a service such as a head massage. This procedure improves blood circulation, which in turn stimulates hair growth, improves well-being and mood. The service is in demand among men of different ages and status.

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