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Exclusive barbershop in Prague

Barbershop offers his customers a wide range of traditional and non-standard services provided by professional masters of our barbershop, as well as an excellent pastime in the bar of the salon with a cup of coffee or a glass of your favorite drink.


Masters in men’s salons know that men beard can take different shapes and look very fashionable and stylish. Many visitors of our barbershop open for themselves new services, for example – face cleaning for men. This procedure is carried out using modern technologies and high quality cosmetics. If you are searching place where you can get a haircut, shave a beard or you are dreaming about a great master made the first haircut for your child you should visit our barbershop. In our salon are provided standard types of services:

  • Exclusive package
    1400 CZK

    We offer our clients a huge set of services for a discounted price. Book now and get all most popular procedures at one.

  • Haircut
    550 CZK

    A classical haircut is one of the most popular service in our salon. Masters with good skills can cope with any type of hair. Even if you have an isextremely unruly hair. Procedure begins by hair washing. Barbar uses a high-quality cosmetic that not only cleanses hair but also vitals it. When masters finish their work they shave the beard with dangerous razor and correct the eyebrows.

  • Cut and Shave
    950 CZK

    Special package including cutting hair and beard shaving at a discounted price. Book now this exquisite offer.

  • Full shave (Hot Towel shaving)
    450 CZK

    Full shave is one of typical services, which are provided in every barbershop. Young men as often as gentlemen in age choose this service. Barbers use the hot towel technique. It lets to prepare the skin for the procedure and minimize the likelihood of irritation. After the procedure skin is processed by specialized cosmetics for men.



Every our barber is like a magician. He can realize any client’s wishes and, what is more, they respect all the features of their  appearance. They not only create exclusive haircuts, but also take care for the client’s hair and skin.


TuttoBarbuto it’s barbershop in Prague where you can get good service. However, Prague is the old european city, people of this city follow to fashion trends. The times when beauty salons were divided into men’s and women’s halls left in the past. Modern men take care of their appearance as much as women. But they do it when they visit special hairdressers which are only for men. They can make a fashionable haircut and shave beard in this place. Also, heree they can discuss the latest news from the world of sports and about other things.

A little bit history
So what is barbershop, and why is it very popular? An establishment of this type has an interesting story and old traditions. For the first time they came from the 18th century America. But in that time they made not only men’s haircuts and shaved their beards, but also carried out simple medical tasks.
Since the 19th century this salons began to provide only hairdressing services. Their popularity gradually increasinged and soon in USA was created first union of Barber. Salons like this began to cooperate chemists which developmented cosmetics for men.

Barbershops today
Today the tradition began to revive. Men’s hairdressing which name came from the Latin “barba” (beard) gradually evolved into a kind of private club. Here you can put yourself in order and drink one or two glasses a favorite drink or smoke a cigar. If you came here for the first time, you could forget about a service of traditional haircut masters.


    We are located in the historical city center - Prague 2.
    Close to Jiřího z Poděbrad and Náměstí Míru


    We are not just barbershop,
    But comunity of people,
    Followed by fashion, style and modern trands


    For our clients we increase
    in latency time by 5 minutes
    Don't worry to miss you haircut


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